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The Brickies are here!

on July 23, 2014

Yes!!!! The bricklayers started onsite today. They were still there when I went up after picking the kids up from school and said they’d be there for about two weeks. I warned them that I go there every day, so they may end up in some of my photos. Like today.

This is where we start to see our colour selections come together. Sure you can go and look at a wall at the brick display centre, but it’s not the same as picturing it as a whole house; there are variations in bricks, which add character. When you have to choose an entire house worth of colours and you are not very colour coordinated, it can be tricky. We told the Metricon ladies at our appointments that although we chose our colours, it was up to them to tell us if it would look crap or to suggest a combination that would work better. They are colour consultants, they know what works and what other people have chosen. We don’t have a “dream house” in mind so we don’t fuss over minute details. We’re easy going clients.

Have a gander at these……

1. Daily pic from across the road.

daily pic from across the road

2. Bricks lined up ready to be laid.

bricks lined up ready to go

3. Daily pic from back corner.

daily pic from back corner

4. Close up of today’s efforts. That skinny window is where the walk in wardrobe is, between the main bedroom and the ensuite.

close up

5. Today’s work and the bricklayers. 

brickies at work

With a gorgeous 19 degrees forecast for tomorrow, it should be great conditions for the guys to be working onsite. We are having a run of glorious sunny winter days at the moment, it was 21 degrees when I left work at 3pm. And there’s more of that forecast for the next few days. A chance of rain of course, but mostly sunny. Keep your fingers crossed!

So it all seems to be running to plan so far. Nobody is dragging the chain. The bank got the progress payment made in less than 24 hours. Again. That’s good service in my opinion. I like it when the bank understands the urgency of my business! It means I don’t have to pull the dreaded line “when I was in banking…….”. And that’s a relief.

More pics tomorrow.



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