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The Plumbers are in the House

on July 21, 2014

I took my daily visit to the block today and found a couple of workmen still there. They had their music on and pretty well ignored me, which is not negative thing at all – they were working and I was only there to see what had changed today.

I asked permission to ask a silly question and asked if they were doing electrical work. (Because we want to throw some extra bits in there when the electricians are onsite, but we have to tee that up with our site manager first). The chap told me they were the plumbers. My response was “I told you it was going to be a silly question”. Oops. Oh well, that’s what they get for being in a plain ute (with no company name on it).

So anyway, they will be there for about a day and a half. Cool. They know what they’re doing. I am hoping the bricklayers will be there tomorrow. I did notice that a protective film has been placed over the installed windows to reduce the risk of damage whilst everyone is working around the place.

Here are today’s pics:

1. Daily pic from across the road – notice the unmarked ute, they could have been any tradies.

 daily pic from across the road

2. Daily pic from the back corner.

daily pic from the back

3. A plumber plumbing.

plumber at work

4. Pipes/hoses up high. I don’t know what they’re for! Something to do with the stuff


Back tomorrow with some more.


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