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Our first rain day

on July 16, 2014

It rained overnight and we had patchy rain today. Of course it started raining harder as I pulled up at work and had to walk from my car to the canteen, with my granny trolley containing the shopping, juggling a laptop and my umbrella. Thankfully I did most of the shopping yesterday and didn’t have too much with me today. I must look quite a sight when it rains.

It also meant we had our first rain day on our block. I refuse to call it a rain delay as there would an allowance for wet weather factored into the build time of 28 weeks. So we are not delayed until we go past the 28 weeks. It is simply rain. When you live in a town that desperately needs the rain, you don’t stress over a missed day or two of construction.

Our permanent site manager rang this morning to introduce himself. If you remember, he has been away and someone else was filling in, organising everything from Newcastle. Now Peter is back, he called to introduce himself and to invite us to meet him onsite. So tomorrow it will be.

He told me that although it’s a wet day today, the windows and bricks are still being delivered. The rain is only meant to hang around until Friday, so he’s confident they will be able to get stuck into it on Monday. We’re not stressing. It is what it is.

I know you’re waiting on today’s photos, so here they are!

1. Adhesive or filler or whatever it is at the bottom of the frames.

after the rain

2. Who pee’d on the floor????? Aftermath of today’s rain in the entrance to the toilet. Or WC if you are feeling posh.

bathroom and toilet floor

3. Daily pic from across the road.

Daily pic from across the road

4. Daily pic from the back corner.

daily pic from back corner

5. We think this large frame is to house the front door, but we’re not sure. We’ll find out in due course. The glass side panels that go either side of the front door have already been delivered, in a timber frame complete with hinges on which the door will be hung but it hasn’t been installed yet.

possible from door frame

6. Our windows, waiting to be installed.

windows have been delivered


No bricks came today. Ray stopped by our block a few hours after me and there were still no bricks. But that’s not a drama. They may come tomorrow or even the next day. If it’s raining they won’t get laid anyway. No getting laid jokes please! Let’s keep private stuff private lol.

Back with more pics when there is more to share.



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