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Glimpses of the week

on July 13, 2014

Snapshots of trivial and not so trivial moments in our lives.

1. Grandad (my Dad) came to stay for a few nights. Sadly, visits have to end.

2. Yummy dinners waiting for their men to come home.

bye grandad dinners waiting for their men to come home

3. There has been snow in the high grounds over the last couple of days. We can’t get to it as you need a 4WD at the best of times. Part of the road has been closed as it is very slippery and people were getting stuck.

4. Pet peeve – brand name dishwasher tablets that don’t do what they claim. When we buy the ones with the extra gel in them, these dried powder and water marks don’t happen. All they are proving by adding all these extras to their detergents is that their base one doesn’t do its job. It’s the same with laundry detergents – they tell you to use their pre soakers and stuff, which tells me that their actual detergent isn’t capable of cleaning our clothes. Annoying. Money making. Time to start making it from scratch.

snow nearby july 2014 dish deterg rort

5. Rugged up to go out into the winter weather.

6. It’s an hour’s drive each way, but a trip to the movies is always time well spent with the kids.

rugging up movies 11 july 2014

7. An expensive jigsaw puzzle. These are our house frames.

there's our house

A few moments of our week. Do you have any to share?



3 responses to “Glimpses of the week

  1. Bek Jones says:

    What a lovely week! We got word that we are getting our driveway and side path and shed slab dug and concreted this week! I have spent many hours this week holding and trying to soothe a screaming, miserable, unwell bub. ( who by the way, will be 20 months old this week……:( )
    We got our ducted vac installed. Our twelve metre hose has a sock!
    I had a small win with our building company who wanted us to pay for a service call to fix a problem that their subcontractor created on an appliance that had been installed less then two weeks prior. We didn’t pay!

    • Oh dear – poor little man & poor Mummy too. It’s so rough when the kids are sick. There’s a horrible bug going around up here but thankfully it hasn’t hit our household. Hopefully it doesn’t. Hope he’s on the mend soon.
      Yay for small wins! Sometimes you simply have to stand your ground. I have to say that ducted vac is so foreign to me. From what I think, there is an outlet in each room & it all sucks away to a central point? I can’t quite grasp that concept. I’ll have to come down & check yours out!

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