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Frame it.

on July 12, 2014

We have house frames!!!!

This is where things really start to get exciting. As if the turning of soil on our block wasn’t exciting enough. We’ve all seen how quickly houses seem to be built once the framework is started. It’s like they are mushrooms that pop up after the rain. There is rain forecast on a few days next week so maybe that’s exactly will happen with ours. They may go up after the rain.

I didn’t get there yesterday, we went to the movies instead and it was dark when we got home. This is what I found when I drove up today.

Daily pic from across the road:

daily pic from across the road

Yes my friends, this is our house:

there's our house

Well, that’s the skeleton of our house. Our steel frames.


Obviously these numbers mean something to someone:

somebody must know what all these numbers mean


Standard drainage plus extra put in by the plumbers, where the water tank will be connected:


standard plus extra drainage around water tank


Another extra drainage point courtesy of the plumbers. Do you get the message that drainage is crucial on such reactive soil?


extra drain put in by plumber


Daily pic from back corner:


daily pic from back corner


If the rain holds off I should have some more pictures early next week. If not, you’ll get to listen to me whinge. Just kidding! I’ll still be happy.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’m back to work on Monday.



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