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Working Workmen

on July 10, 2014

I stopped by our block as I was running some errands today. Not literally running, I don’t do that.

I found some workmen working! That’s pretty exciting.

workmen working


Yes, they would be plumbers. Digging trenches and laying pipes. I explained that I am the owner and I stop by each day to take photos and they were fine with me being there whilst they were working. I didn’t go inside the fence though, as there wasn’t a lot of room due to their digger being onsite. They were a friendly bunch, like each of the workers I’ve encountered there so far, offering to add a couple of extra pipes for us to use for external drainage when we are finishing off the outside of our house. You know, entertaining area out the back kind of thing. When we decide what we’re going to have.

Trench across the back:

trench across the back


Pipes near the garage:

pipes near garage


Daily pic from front:

daily pic from front



Daily pic from back corner:

daily pic from back corner



The progress payment was made today so I don’t expect there will be any delays in getting the frames delivered, which I am assuming is the next big step. I have no idea of anything that may or may not have to happen before that. So stay tuned and you can learn along with me!





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