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House Pics (because you haven’t seen enough yet)

on July 5, 2014

My Dad has arrived in town for a few days, so of course we took him to see the progress of our house construction.

Now that the concrete slab has been laid, it is easier to visualise each room. We were able to go inside the fence today, so we got a nice close up look.

The concrete gets left to cure for a few days, so not much will happen now until the house frames get delivered. Which may be late in the week, or maybe even the following week.

Here are today’s pics:

1. Dad walking through the garage into the laundry.

2. Ray & Dad chatting in the laundry. Fancy doing a load of washing whilst you are there?

3. Daily pic from back corner.

4. Sitting on the front porch. With beautiful views out the front, I hope to be sitting on the porch often, watching the kids play outside at the same time.

5. Standing in what will be the main bedroom.

6. Daily pic from across the road.


And that’s where our build is up to!



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