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We have a Slab!

on July 4, 2014

Yes!!! Our concrete slab was poured today. Break out the champagne because it’s been a long time coming. No, that’s not quite accurate. It’s not the slab that’s been a long time coming, it’s was the commencement of our build that took a long time to start. The slab has come about quite quickly. Oh well, break out the champers anyway. Any excuse will do. Shame I don’t like champagne.

I knew there was going to be action at the block today, so again I broke my cardinal rule of not going when the workers are there. But I wanted a photo of the concrete truck. Lucky I arrived when I did, because I was so busy taking photos I didn’t even notice the truck leave.

The workers were lovely. I had three eleven year old boys with me (Liam had friends over – it’s school holidays here) as well as Megan and I had told them that if wanted to get out of the car to watch, they had to be on the outside of the construction fence. Only Megan wanted to come. One of the guys asked her if she knew which one was going to be her room and if she wanted to write her name in the concrete, but she didn’t want to. She said that her writing was too big and messy. I think she was a bit shy with all those grown men around. He ushered us inside the fence so we could have a good look.

Here are today’s photos.

1. I got very excited as I approached our block!

2. Daily pic from the back. Closer again, as I was inside the fence.

3. Daily pic from across the road.

4. Campfire. A bit hard to see late morning. It’s still on next door’s land.

5. WE HAVE A SLAB!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Some piece of machinery they use. More technical terminology right there. I’m on fire.

7. That front bit is the 15 metre porch and I’m sure you can work out that the inset bit is where the front door will be.

8. How many men does it take to change a lightbulb lay a slab? The more the merrier I say!



I didn’t go back up this afternoon, as I will be taking my Dad tomorrow, so I’ll see the finished product of today’s work then. Yes, my Dad is coming to stay for a few nights! Please keep everything crossed that he has a safe trip. He’s in his 70’s and I worry about him being on the road for such long trips, but I know he takes a particular route so he can stop for a cuppa and leg stretch along the way.

Until next update,



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