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Moving a Fence

on July 3, 2014

I took my daily trip to our block today and noticed (or rather, the kids noticed) that the construction fence had been moved closer to our boundary. This is good, as I was concerned that we were trespassing on our neighbour’s yard, assuming he had not been asked. And the small fire the workers had made the other day was also on his block. 1. This is where the fence was. Our boundary is where the digging ends. 2. You can see how far they had to move it. 3. Another pic from the back. 4. From the front. The green electricity box is the boundary. The builders next door now have access to the whole of the block they are building on. 5. Daily pic from across the road. 6. Daily pic from back corner. Closer now, as the fence is closer. Hopefully tomorrow there will be a concrete slab on there!

  I really hope my photos turn out okay. WordPress has changed slightly since yesterday and I had to play around a bit to get the photos loaded. I am a techno idiot, so it will take me a while to get the hang of it. Please be patient! Will check in again tomorrow. Karen.


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