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Slab Preparation

on July 2, 2014

I try not to go to our block during trade working hours, as I don’t want to be disrupting the workers or have them thinking I am checking on them. Of course we are keen to see that everything is happening as it should, but we are not builders and don’t know if that piece of wood is at the correct angle or not. That’s what we pay Metricon for. To build our house. We’re happy to leave them to do their job (so far) and take our daily pics. By having a look daily, obviously we can see what’s been done and if we need to ask questions we can ring up and ask.

This morning I broke routine and went to the block. The kids and I were heading out for the day and weren’t sure if we would be back before dark, so I wanted to ensure I had daylight photos. If I went up there after dark you can guarantee I would fall over from the uneven ground.

The concreting guys were having morning tea, sitting around a small fire they had lit. It was about 9:30 and I think by that stage it had reached 4 or 5 degrees, after a -2 (yes, MINUS two) overnight. I stopped to warm my hands and to make sure they didn’t mind me taking photos whilst they were onsite. Even though we are the owners, it is their worksite and I think it’s respectful to ask as I was kind of invading their space.

Here’s what our site looked like this morning:

1. Today’s “to do” pile. Please have this done by the end of today.

2. They had already started on the pile. I got to go inside the fence to take this pic. Yay!






We arrived back in town earlier than expected so the first thing we did was head up to the block to see the full scale of today’s work. I was very happy with that I saw.

1. I mentioned the other day that it looked small. Now it looks big again. Happy days. Daily pic from the back.

2. Close up of the pods. The plumbing pipes sticking up are where the main bathroom and toilet are going to be.

3. They finished their “to do” pile. Daily pic from across the road.




And that’s where we’re at. With 20 degrees forecast tomorrow and 18 the next, it looks like our slab might really get laid this week. Keep your fingers crossed!


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