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Construction Update

on July 1, 2014

I ventured up to our block this afternoon, curious as to whether or not the workers had been onsite today.

The electrician/s have been. There is a pole and some wires (I know all the technical terms) where the meter box is going to be. So that’s a good step. We’re still hoping to have our slab poured this week. We’ll see how it goes.

Whilst I was there, the front strip of all the blocks was being mowed and whipper snippered, which I assume is being organised by the builder who sold us the land in an effort to keep the estate tidy until there are people actually living there. He still owns the unsold blocks and seems to be building on most of the sold blocks, so it’s good for his reputation to maintain them. I thought it was a nice touch that ours was included, considering that we own it and are using a different company to build our house.

Today’s photos:

1. Orange pole and wires – today’s work.

2. Daily pic from the road.

3. Daily pic from the back corner.

4. Front freshly mowed and snipped. They were on front as I arrived, which is why I parked across the road.







And that’s today’s building update.




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