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Today’s house update

on June 30, 2014

It doesn’t appear that the workers made it to our block today, but I took some photos anyway, the two that I take from the same position each day plus a couple that I wanted to take.

When the block was dug for the cut and fill, the digger operator offered to dig right to the boundary instead of stopping a metre inside. Of course we took him up on his suggestion to save us having to dig it out later to put in a retaining wall.

What this means is that the construction fence is well and truly on our neighbour’s property. Fortunately the blocks are wide and our neighbours aren’t building close to our side. Fortunately they are still building and are a couple of months off their house being ready to move into. Fortunately they seem to be understanding people. I haven’t met them yet but Ray has met the fellow and they have each other’s contact details because they’re handy to have. So at this stage the fence doesn’t seem to be in their way, but we think it will be soon. Next door’s water meter and some pipe (plumbing waste?) is inside our construction fence. Their builders will be needing access to these at some stage. So we’re going to have a chat to our site supervisor once our slab is poured to see if they have an arrangement in place with next door’s builders (MacDonald Jones) or to see if they can move the fence out of the way. Because we don’t want to get our neighbours offside before either of us even move in.

Today’s photos:

1. Taken from the construction fence, with my hand through the fence. I am on our neighbour’s property – the green electricity box is on the boundary. In my shadow is their water meter.

2. Looking from the back. Remember, they dug to the edge of our block. Anything to the left of that in this pic is the neighbour’s land. Shows how much we are trespassing.

3. Along the back fence. West to east. Beautiful mountain view.

4. Daily pic from back corner of the house.

5. Daily pic from across the road.






along back fence daily pic from back corner daily pic from road



So whilst all this non action was happening at the block, this is what was happening at home on the first day of our school holidays. Our loungeroom was transformed into a clothes sorting room (with 3 bags donated to charity) and this photo shows the cubby that Megan built. Liam also built one, but that was in the room that runs off the loungeroom, so it isn’t in this shot. It was good to have the tv switched off for a while and see the kids using their imagination.

clowning around cubbies


That’s today’s update.


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