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No workmen today

on June 27, 2014

There was no physical activity on our block today, however we did get a phone call from our Relieving Site Supervisor.

It turns out the chap who is our actual Site Supervisor is on holidays so the relieving guy, who operates out of Newcastle, has been coordinating our build from afar. He told me the workers will be back onsite on Monday, prepping for the pouring of the slab, which they are hoping to do on Thursday or Friday. Then they will leave it to cure for a few days, then have the actual house frames delivered. Somewhere in there the Certifier will do his checks to ensure the slab is built correctly. So hopefully the forecast possible rain will ease off this week, as my Dad is coming to stay next weekend and I’d really love it if we had a slab to show him. But the weather will do what it will do (it is what it is) and if the slab is delayed until the following week, then c’est la vie.

The following week our actual Site Supervisor will be back on deck if I remember correctly, so it will be good to speak to him. If it’s still school holidays it will make it easier for me to duck up to the block to meet him.

I took a couple of photos today, because it’s what I’m doing. In case you are not sick of seeing it already, here’s how our block looks now:

1. Daily pic from across the road.

2. Daily pic from the back.

3. Steel for the slab.

daily front pic from the back steel for slab


And that’s that.




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