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on June 26, 2014

In between me taking photos at our block yesterday and Ray going past on his way home from work last night, the reinforcing mesh and steel poles were delivered. Which explains why the construction fence was unlocked and partially open when I was there – to allow that delivery to take place after hours.

Today the fence was locked so I am now restricted to taking photos from the outside of it. My phone fits through the fence, so hopefully I can continue to take pics without the fence showing unless I want it to.

At a guess, we’ll have a slab next week sometime. Looking at the weather forecast, there is the chance of rain on a couple of days, so we’ll wait and see what happens. It will be school holidays and we are trying to pour a slab, of course it’s going to rain lol. But my motto this year is “It is what it is”, an adage I have taken from Ray, and it keeps me calm, reminding me that there are things I cannot change, that it’s how I deal with them is what counts. Less stressing, more getting on with it.

So, we have no control over the weather. I can choose to be stressed about that or I can let it go and know that our slab will get laid when the conditions are right for it. I don’t have time to waste through stress. I will leave the house building to the professionals.

They have righted the sign that was hung upside down, and now there are two signs, with a different name ticked on each. These signs indicate who the Principal Certifying Authority is – that’s the independent person who inspects the project at specific stages of construction to make sure it is up to scratch. Often it is the local council who is the PCA, however Metricon engages a particular company to fill this role as it is easier than dealing with the different local councils in all the areas they build. So why we have two is a bit of a mystery to me, but that’s not important. It is what it is. As long as someone qualified is checking the work that’s being done.

Today’s pics:

1. Daily photo from across the road.

2. Pipes and poles. That’s a MacDonald Jones house being built next door. With a $17,000 surcharge to travel here for the privilege.

3. Special delivery!

4. And Stay Out!!

5. Reached through the fence to take the daily photo from the back.














So it seems to be going a little bit slow at the moment, but we know that things are happening behind the scenes, things that we don’t know about yet need to be done in preparation for each stage of our build. I’m sure I mentioned the other day that we are building on reactive soil (also known as black soil), so it means there is extra oomph in the foundations/slab to ensure the house doesn’t move and crack. We pay extra for this. It’s what needs to happen to build here. It is what it is.

More pics tomorrow!






























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