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Don’t Fence Me In

on June 25, 2014

Don’t fence me in. Or, rather, don’t fence me out. Yes, our construction fence went up today.

According to Metricon’s letter they sent a couple of weeks ago, we are not allowed onsite without arranging it with the site supervisor as we have not been site inducted. Which is their way of covering their butts in case we are silly enough to hurt ourselves. And making sure that we are not pestering them or stressing out the boss man. It is a workplace after all, so I understand their side. If the site supervisor ever rings us, we can arrange a time to meet with him there. In the meantime, we’ll will continue to go onsite and have a look at what’s happening and take photos. We’re paying for it and we’re choosing to document it.

The plumbing has been marked out in preparation for the slab to be laid. That’s those pipes sticking up out the ground where the laundry, kitchen, bathroom and ensuite are located.

Today, our house looks like this:

1. Daily photo taken from across the road.

2. Daily photo taken from south western corner of house shows the plumbing preparation.

3. They hung the side upside down. Please let that be the only thing they do upside down!

4. That’s our back yard, beyond the construction fence to the timber post and rail fence.

5. Pile of gravel in the front yard.

6. Rubbish – proof they did work today. And that they went to the chip shop for lunch. As a chip lover, I recognise that white paper from 50 paces lol!








And that’s today’s efforts. Definitely making progress.



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