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Today’s Construction Update

on June 24, 2014

We headed up to the block this afternoon for our daily visit. Not much had changed, but as I walked around, it felt like something was different, but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. The workers have obviously been there today, there is what I will call a rubbish zone onsite, but there wasn’t much else new to see. But I could feel a difference. Maybe I just need to pay more attention. I was a bit distracted at the time – we were on our way home from school pickups and I had 25 minutes to get out the door again to get Liam to footy training on time and I had to pick our dog Trixie up from the vet after dropping Liam off, get her home, then get back to footy in time to pick Liam up, then go to Coles to buy something to cook for dinner, then go home and cook it. I usually shop whilst footy training is on, but Trixie put paid to that with her sore leg. So a quick reschedule, and we were back on track.

Now back to our house construction. Today’s pics:

1. Daily photo from across the the road.

2. What I am calling the rubbish zone.

3. Some pinky-orangey coloured thing they are going to use. I think it’s some ducting thing (technical term right there) that may or may not be used for plumbing or electrical stuff prior to the slab being laid. I am SO uneducated with this stuff – this is when I pull the chick card.

4. From the back of the house. The back has the living, dining, kitchen and laundry areas, including my walk in linen!!!!. Across the front at this end of the house is the garage, walk in pantry, ensuite and main bedroom.

5. Across the back here is runpus room, bathroom, bedroom. Across the front are two bedrooms and the loungeroom, which I think is called the sitting room on the floor plans.














We’ll head back to the block tomorrow to take some more pictures. Hopefully there will be something exciting to show and tell!



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