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Road Trip

on June 22, 2014

Today I took the younger two kids to see Disney On Ice in Newcastle. It’s a two hour drive each way (which is apparently 30 minutes less than before, thanks to the new expressway), much different to the 20 minute drive when we used to go to see it in Wollongong, with guaranteed parking at Mum’s house when she lived just around the corner from the venue.

I know heaps of people have see the Disney shows over the years. It was on in Wollongong last weekend, so I’ve seen some photos online. I chose to watch the show “unplugged”, with my phone in my bag, not taking photos. To live in the moment, not look at a photo of it afterwards. So today’s photos are of our drive and pics taken before and after the show.

1. “You are Here” Yes, that’s where we had a pitstop and leg stretch, at the rest stop on the new Hunter Expressway. We live in Scone, labelled near the top left corner in this pic.

2. The kids grimacing at being “forced” into a photo

3. The toilet block. Cleaner than I expected. That’s one thing I’ve noticed in the towns here, clean public toilets. Our highway is a popular truck route and is also favoured by grey nomads and other tourists. Clean toilets are essential.

4. I don’t usually look at the view from rest areas (I’ve rarely stopped at them before). Today’s view was typical of the Hunter region – open spaces surrounded by mountains.

5. Our very own Princess Megan, waiting for the Disney on Ice show to start.

6. We may have had back row seats, but I know from experience that these are often better than floor seating for these kind of shows. We got to see everything, being so high up.

7. Before we went into the auditorium.

8. Bats in the trees. We stopped at “Bat Park” in Singleton on the way home. The kids always ask to stop here and are happy with even a 5 or 10 minute play. It was starting to cool down by now, I think it was nearly 5pm. It’s a good place to stop, as it’s an hour from home, so it breaks up the trip nicely.

9. Do not touch the bats. You could get a nasty disease. And don’t linger too long under the trees as a branch that has been weakened from the weight of the bats may fall on you. I can just picture the cause of death on the death certificate.

10. One of the play attractions at “Bat Park”. The blue one is from 1927 and the red one is from 1940. Tractor races anyone?






And that was my day.

How was yours?



One response to “Road Trip

  1. we loved the Disney on ice! Went to here in Wollongong with our two sons {mind you our 12 year old still says it was boring!!}
    Great idea to live in the moment and take pictures before/afterwards instead of during the show….I only took photos because one day I hope to share with our boys what they did as they were growing up as we lived in our Motorhome 🙂
    I think we have stayed in that rest stop over night on our way down from QLD to Wollongong, great spot to stretch your legs.

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