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Concrete Bits

on June 20, 2014

Today was just a quick visit to the block as it was starting to rain.

A friend can see our construction from her place and knows that I can’t get there during the day, so sent me a text of the concrete truck on our block. How awesome! She knew I’d be more than a bit excited about it.

Today’s photos:

1. Liam and Megan standing in what will be their bedrooms. It was starting to rain and although I lined the kids up, I couldn’t see what was on my screen when I took this shot.

2. Some of the concrete piers (?) poured today.

3.Checking out the dirt. The timber will be used as a frame in preparation for the slab.

4. Standing in what will be the rumpus room. 

5. Wandering through the house. From the rumpus room towards the bathroom.

6. Taken from across the road. Again, the lighting wasn’t good for taking anything other than a close up. The kids are standing on the driveway, checking out today’s work.




More photos next week when there is something to show! It can rain all it likes this weekend, as long as it has stopped in time for Monday’s work to happen!



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