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White Lines and Crosses

on June 19, 2014

I sent our 18 year old son Zac on a few errands this afternoon/evening, as I am nursing a sore foot and wasn’t able to walk earlier. But enough of that already. This post is not about my foot. It’s about our house. Or what will be our house.

One of his jobs was to take lots of photos of our block and he did wonderfully. White lines and crosses have been painted on, the lines marking the outline of the concrete for the slab and we guess the crosses are for the piers. Extra cost has gone into the concrete slab, we are building on reactive soil. Build a solid foundation to minimise movement and cracking of the house. They have also started forming up the timber framework for the slab.


1. Taken from back corner of house. From left to right across the back of the house will be rumpus room, bathroom, bedroom, dining/living/kitchen (big open room incorporating a little alcove) and the laundry (which slots in behind the garage).

2. Taken from outside what will be the garage (not in shot). Shows 15 metre front porch and entry. House is 30 metres wide. Across the front of the house from left to right will be (windows) pantry, ensuite, main bedroom, entry, formal lounge, then 2 bedrooms.

3. That’s the garage.

4. Framework being formed up in preparation for the slab.



And I notice from this last picture that there is now a port-a-loo on site. Yay! That kind of makes it official. Because I still haven’t had that phone call from our site supervisor yet. I hope he’s worth the wait!



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