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The Most Beautiful Dirt Ever

on June 18, 2014

It looks like the digging has finished at our block, except for the not too big pile of dirt at the back, which the digger operator said he would spread out at the height of our slab. I don’t know where they are up to for sure, as we still haven’t had contact from our site supervisor. So we’ll just plod along and see what happens when. 

Pics! For all of you who are eagerly following along at home. I love how easy it is in our technological world that I can share our excitement with you. 

1. The deepest part of the dig, in the south western corner of the house. I stood in it & it was up to my hips. I’m guessing the white paint indicates where the slab ends. This corner of the house will be the rumpus room, with a sliding door to the back yard.

2. Taken from what will be the back of the house. Check out our gorgeous mountain views.

3. I couldn’t resist parking in our driveway!

4. Taken from across the road. This is a great place to take photos to see the progress.

5. This will be the view from our bedroom window. Until someone builds on that vacant block! But we’ll still have those mountains to look at. If you go over those mountains you reach Tamworth. Those mountains are part of Australia’s Great Dividing Range (you know, we learned about that in primary school and have since forgotten everything about it).













I know I’m harping on about the mountains, but they are just incredible to see. You travel over one and there is another right behind it. It makes you want to keep going to see where you end up. 

Behind the house being built across the road is the airport. It is a small airport, frequented (I believe) by people in the horse industry (race horse owners, horse stud owners, celebrities coming to the races – apparently Shane Warne landed here last year for the Scone Cup and I heard Angelina Jolie was in town last year location scouting for one of her movies). The airport gets “busy” in crop dusting season. I spent several years of my life living within coo-ee of Albion Park airport, so the noise of planes doesn’t bother me, there’s something comforting about it. I used to love driving home to Albion Park from Wollongong every Thursday and seeing the lit up airstrip of Albion Park airport. It’s magical. Like Christmas lights!

Speaking of Christmas lights (see what I did there?), I wonder if we’ll be putting ours up at our new house this year. It would be nice.



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