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Construction Begins!!!!

on June 17, 2014

I wasn’t going to go past our block today as I still haven’t received a phone call from our site manager telling us when they are starting our build, so I really wasn’t expecting anything to happen. I am so glad I did go past because TODAY THEY STARTED!!!!!!

Yes, there was a digger onsite. What a great surprise. I was so excited that I got out of the car and did the whole arms up in the air with the whole victory “woo hoo” kind of thing. I’m sure it’s not the first time these two workers have seen that reaction from an owner who has been waiting for their construction to begin. Neither of them are our site manager, they are from the local bobcat and digger hire company. Good to see local contractors being used. Brownie points to Metricon Homes right there.

After a brief discussion regarding the red wooden pegs that had been placed onsite last week, it was concluded that they are in fact in the correct place. Our western boundary is further west than we thought and we aren’t actually digging up part of our neighbour’s yard after all. You’re welcome Gary! Even the guy operating the digger had questioned the placement of the red pegs, as they didn’t look right to him either. The back corner of our block kicks out a little (it’s hard to explain) (our block is longer than next door’s) and it makes the angle from the front look wrong, but from the back it looks right. Anyway, if Metricon makes a mistake they’ll have to pay to fix it, right? But seriously, we did ask the question and have been told it’s right.

Here are some pics I took this arvo, and I must say I was impressed that they were still working at 3:30 in the afternoon. I have no idea what time they started, but if you consider that a lot of tradies work 7-3 kind of hours, to be still going was pretty good.

1. Taken from across the road. A prime spot to get pics.

2. From the back corner of the house.

3. From our side of the road, where I stopped the car.

4. That’s our dirt. We own that. And it’s going to be under our house!









They told us ages ago that our house will be a 28 week build. Which, if you take it from today’s date, is 30th December 2014. I’m guessing all tradies will be closed for holidays at that time, so the race is now on to have the house finished before Christmas. I can picture us moving house during Christmas week. Which will be good in that it’s school holidays and I won’t have to go to work but really? Who moves house right on Christmas????

Anyway, I have 20-odd weeks to worry about that. What will be will be and we will move when the house is ready for us to move into. I tell you though, I am looking forward to having kitchen drawers that aren’t a 3 step process to close.  And a house big enough to accommodate us and all our bits that we haven’t fully unpacked since moving here. And to having another cleanout, because crap accumulates faster than can be believed.

I’ll tell you more when I have more to tell!



2 responses to “Construction Begins!!!!

  1. bek says:

    Woo hoo! Please keep sharing! I always could not believe that we paid to own the dirt and then we paid someone to take it away!

  2. With ours, they are cutting from the western end and using it to fill the eastern end. No trucking in or removal of dirt required. There will be a little bit surplus, but the digger operator today said he will just spread it across the back to the height of the slab. Which will make it easier for us whether we decide to pave or concrete across the back. 30 metres across is a LOT of concrete to pay for, and we’d have to go 2 or 3 metres deep. Like what we have in this rental. I don’t think they bother removing excess dirt here, there is enough room on the blocks to just scatter it about.

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