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Innocence Still Exists

on June 16, 2014

Our 6 year old daughter is in Scouts. Well, Joeys actually, she is to young to be a Scout. And yes, the Scouting movement has boys and girls these days, which is why we chose them over the girls only Girl Guides.

Tonight we headed along to their family night, not sure what to expect. All I knew is that Megan group was doing “Old Man Emu”. They spent the last two Scout nights colouring in their animals from the song. We had a kangaroo, emu, albatross, budgie, cockatoo, eagle and duck as per the song. The kids had to hold their animals up and jiggle them around when their animal was mentioned in the song. Megan did a beautiful job with her yellow duck. Five, six and seven year olds are so cute! No, I don’t have photos out of respect for the other families who may or may not want images of their children shared online. But they were very cute.

Other groups performed a variety of items. Some of the older kids were going for their entertainment badge, so we had musical performances, soloists, stand up comedy and the fact that the teenagers’ comedy skit didn’t go to plan added to their comedy. Everyone did a great job.

What was great to see was that some of the skits were ones that we were familiar with from our own youth. Simple childhood innocence and fun is still around and we are pleased that this is what is on offer with Scouts. Kids need the opportunity to be kids. They grow up fast enough.

Yes we had a campfire, even if it was the indoor open fire and we weren’t sitting in a circle around it. And yes, we sang Kumbaya! 

Good, old fashioned, innocent childhood fun.

I wasn’t a Girl Guide and my brother wasn’t a Scout. Mum thought it wasn’t our thing. Anyone out there grow up in the Scouting or Girl Guide Movements?





2 responses to “Innocence Still Exists

  1. Jacana says:

    Your post just took me back to YMCA camps I use to go on as a child and how much fun skit night was. Thanks for pulling out some wonderful memories from the old memory bank.

  2. Childhood memories! Not many kids these days get to create the type of memories we have.

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