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Choosing House Tiles

on June 14, 2014

Today we got to take a drive to Newcastle to choose our wall and floor tiles from Di Lorenzo tiles.

Again, we had a fair idea of what we wanted, having been to the company’s Sydney showroom a few months ago. To do our homework. The floor tiles we liked a few months ago have been discontinued as a new range was released in April. It wasn’t too hard to choose another.

We did change our minds on what we had thought would be our bathroom and ensuite tiles. Here’s what we have selected for those rooms, the laundry and the kitchen splashback. The swirly tile will be one stripe as a feature in the bathroom and ensuite. We thought this one wouldn’t date as much as the others on offer. It’s okay if you have a different opinion. Not everybody likes the same thing. There was a different one that I liked and Ray didn’t and one that he liked that I immediately shut down the thought of it! The laundry and kitchen will have the plain tiles. The square tile is for the floors in the wet areas. I don’t have a clear photo of the floor tiles for the rest of the house.

Tiles Wet Area


So that’s where we are up to. We still have our carpet to select from a different company. Di Lorenzo also does carpet, so I don’t know why Metricon doesn’t use them for this too. Again, we have been to the carpet company’s showroom and saw what we liked, however we only looked at Category One and it turns out there is a promotional range we can choose from as part of our package. So it’s worth the trip (3 hours each way to Sydney) to have another look.  Of course I will keep you posted.

Hopefully we will have some photos of an evolving block of land next week. If I keep saying it, it has to happen, right?



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