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Festival of the Fleece – Merriwa

on June 11, 2014

We are making a conscious effort this year to go along to lots of events that are on in areas considered local to us. Local could be as far as a two hour drive away, which doesn’t bother us, as the countryside along the way is breathtaking.

Over the recent long weekend, we took a short drive over to Merriwa for the Festival of the Fleece. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the heritage of a beautiful small town, with a history rich in sheep and horses. Market stalls, a street parade, yard dog trials, team penning (I know – I had never heard of that either until we moved here – it’s to do with being on horseback and splitting particular steers from a herd), vintage cars and the main event of the running of the sheep in red socks.

People were everywhere. I reckon the town’s population tripled!

Here are some pics:

sheep shearing


3 of us



Megan & Ray


Street parade


sheep in red socks


We had expected the running of the sheep to be something like the running of the bulls – you know where they are let loose and away they go! I had wondered how they were going to get them to run up the road and around the corner instead of into the crowd. This was more like a herding of the sheep, being led by the lady in the front and with working dogs keeping them together.

It turns out the Cadillac in the photos is owned by someone I know! Luckily it was one of the cars we had spent several minutes admiring.

The next major event is the Highland Games next month – a Scottish day. It was heaps of fun last year. I’ll let you know how we go this year.









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