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on June 10, 2014

The phone call that came through today was very exciting. It was from the tiling company asking to book us in to select the floor and wall tiles for our house. So we booked ourselves in for Saturday and have been instructed to bring along our colour samples so they can ensure that the tiles we choose will match.

We have a fair idea of what we would like, having been to their showroom a few months ago. So it should be a fairly quick appointment, just like our colour selections appointment when we were finished well before we were expected to be.

Somewhere along the line we will have to select our carpet. Again, we have had a look and have an idea of what we’d like, however I have since realised that we looked at the category one range of carpets and our upgrade allows us to choose from category two if we wish. We don’t even know what’s in category two. We just need something hard-wearing whilst we still have young children.

A quick trip to the block this arvo showed that no further work has happened. We are still waiting for the phone call from our site supervisor to introduce himself, so I’m guessing not much will happen until that call’s been received.

Will keep you posted!



One response to “Tiles

  1. Bek Jones says:

    Woo Hoo! Tile selection for us was about ten minutes! After my carpet debacle last week please be careful with your colour choice. We now have a brown instead of charcoal!
    What colour tiles are you looking at?

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