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It’s Almost Building Time

on June 5, 2014

We bought a block of land last year, which most of you already know. After looking through the display home village, we decided Metricon were the company who offered the right house for us. A deposit was paid long, long ago.

We’ve finished all our pre-build appointments with them, which included being guests at a swanky motel in Sydney when it was time to choose our fittings and colours. It’s a 3 hour drive each way to their design studio, so it was a nice gesture for them to pay for our accommodation and breakfast. I’m sure the cost is hidden in the build price somewhere, but it was to feel posh for a while. My mother in law came to stay with the kids and had the honour of a finding a blue tongue lizard in the bedroom she was staying in.

I’m at the stage where I am a little bit frustrated with them, building, something…….at our first few appointments (Sept/Oct) we were led to believe that these early stages happened fairly quickly and we could be starting our build as early as January. We had to wait for the land to be registered & it became ours in December, which was later than expected. It was all to do with whether the land sale contracts were exchanged before or after the land was registered. Ours were exchanged whilst the application was being processed, which meant we had to wait the full 42 days for the land to settle and become ours.

So now all our paperwork has been finalised and our file was passed to Metricon’s construction team on 27 May. According to the contract, they have 20 working days to start our build. When I spoke to them last week, I asked them to tell me realistically when we could expect a slab on our block and they said the first half of June. So of course I chased it up yesterday, and they discovered the orders they submitted to order everything they need for our build had not transferred over (to where, I have no idea); and that our file has does not yet been allocated to a person in that section. They gave me their “20 days” line so I had my whinge to them about how we had been led on, let to believe we could turn soil in January and now it’s June. It will be a push for it to be finished by Christmas. I tell you, I don’t ask for much, but when I need something doing, I need it doing now. One of the bank ladies found that out a couple of weeks ago. We almost had an argument in the branch because I was on a deadline to preserve our house price and what I needed was urgent to me. After telling me they don’t email letters, they emailed it to both Metricon and I first thing the next morning. I do appreciate that they went beyond their regular service and I’m sorry I pulled the “when I was in banking” line, but sometimes I have to do it. Like when I need something to be done now. Not when the regular staff are back in the next few days. Now.

But let’s get back to what I am trying to write. Our build will be starting in the next 3 weeks! Hopefully next week. We’re a bit “over” it. We just want them to go and build our house and tell us when it’s done. But we know that once we get that phone call from our site supervisor introducing himself and telling us what date they will be on our block, we will get excited all over again. I’ve been watching friends’ houses being built in the same subdivision with a local builder (who we all bought the land from) and theirs are nearly finished. The house on one side of us is finished and for sale, and the one on the other side is well on the way. And there’s our piece of grass in between, waiting to dug up.

Hopefully this is the final “before” photo:

The Final "Before" Pic

The Final “Before” Pic


Here’s hoping I’ll be showing you some more interesting pics soon!





One response to “It’s Almost Building Time

  1. bek says:

    Building companies…….grrrrrrr, they are all the same. They just don’t listen. I needed my final invoice last week to arrange final payment for next week, there is background stuff that the bank needs to do, but I’m still waiting. I will be watching for more pics! Xx

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