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Country Vs City Life Stuff

on March 13, 2014

Last year I attended our primary school’s Year 6 farewell. I was the in the capacity of a helper, as the parents of the Year 5 students take on the helper roles and the Year 5 students help as waiters and waitresses. It’s a mark of respect to the Year 6 students and families. And it gives the Year 5 students an idea of how the evening runs, for their farewell dinner the following year. Where we will be among the students and families graduating.

It’s interesting to find definite differences between city & country Year 6 students. The lives they live are so different. One is not better than the other. They are simply different lifestyles. It’s like the city hasn’t reached the country, which I like because country kids can still be kids. There was nobody trying to “outdo” anyone else at the graduation. Let’s remember that these kids are 11 & 12 years old. If they have the mega fancy dress & “all the trimmings” at 12, what do they have to look forward to as they get older?

Country kids have responsibilities that are different to city kids too. Many kids here are growing up on farms, horse studs or cattle or sheep stations. That brings chores like many city kids have never seen. It gives them responsibilities that need to be taken seriously. In our town we don’t have the option to go to the movies, bowling or roller skating, like we were used to be able to do on a whim. Our nearest movies are an hour’s drive away. The kids get their driver’s licence as soon as they are legally allowed to because they need to. Because they may live out of town, up to an hour’s drive away from school, making it hard for the parents to drive them due to their own work and property commitments. Distances cause challenges for parents as well as kids.

For the first time in my life, I have encountered families with children at boarding school. And am talking to students who are going off to boarding school. It’s just the way it’s done. If you want to grow up to run a horse stud or cattle station, you need to be educated where the necessary subjects are on offer. If you live WAY out of town & will spend hours travelling to school, you may be better off at boarding school. It’s not something I’ve ever had reason to think about. Except to threaten the kids. Hmmmmm………..musn’t do that anymore. Now they know it really does exist!

There are events coming up in our town that are (in my opinion) “very country”. Hopefully I can make it to some so I can tell you about them. The running joke at the moment is that I am the “city girl”. I need to attend these events to have my eyes opened!

I love the convenience of having everything & everyone close by in city living.

I love the slower pace and the fact that I am exposed to new things in country life.

Are you a city or a country person?



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