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Still Loving my Thermomix

on October 5, 2013

I made a pact with myself when I bought my Thermomix that I would use it every day. When you pay that amount of money for a kitchen appliance, you’d blooming well want to use it every day!

The other day it had a really good workout:

* Smoothies for breakfast

* Dippy Eggs for lunch

* Butter

* Vegetable soup from whatever veggies were in the fridge.

* Lemon & Ginger Steamed Chicken with rice, quinoa & veges.

I had a dessert in mind to make for the kids but they were distracted by other stuff after dinner so I didn’t worry about it. And I would have liked to have made a loaf of bread but I did that the next day. We really don’t eat a lot of bread.

Having only had my machine since July, I am still learning to use it to its potential. I went to a cooking class a couple of weeks ago so I could see how easy it is to make some of the meals I’ve seen in their cookbooks. I got to sample 5 or 6 dishes, which was great. It gives me an idea if my family would like them or not. Rather than buying the ingredients & risking it. I love scouring the recipe community & Facebook pages to get recipes and other people’s opinions.

I am loving the idea of being able to make a lot of foods from scratch (with a particular child of ours in mind). I went to a talk recently by Tanya at the “Additive Free Pantry” & how the powers that be allow additives that are banned in other countries to be used in our foods is beyond me. And additives that are banned in baby foods are used in foods aimed at children. Does it make it okay because the child is bigger now? I’ve been making small changes, without going over the top and I think they are making a difference. It’s got to be better for us – more fresh food & less packaged foods. I think so anyway.

What’s your take on this? Are you a Thermie fan or not? What’s your opinion on food additives?

Karen xx


2 responses to “Still Loving my Thermomix

  1. Jacana says:

    I have heard so many people rave about this amazing machine…. but I am still to see one in action or try it out.

  2. maree ainger says:

    ive had mine since September don’t use everyday bit daunted by it I guess

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