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Gosh, Where Have I Been?

on October 4, 2013

I’ve been missing from the blog world in recent months. Only popping in every so often, not very often. I’ve been around, living life, being busy, with not much to tell. Actually there is heaps to tell, we’ve been doing lots of stuff, but not all of it interesting to other people. Most of it is simply our day to day stuff & most of you do the same stuff so you don’t particularly need to hear about my stuff. Life is full of stuff.

The kids & I have just spent 5 nights at my mother in law’s place, on the coast. Our old stomping ground. It was lovely to break out of the busy schedule we’ve had recently & spend time catching up with family and friends from the Illawarra. And of course we went to Little Lake a couple of times so the kids could dig in the sand & paddle in the water. And we had the compulsory picnic at the harbour in Shellharbour. That’s the one day I set aside each trip for the opportunity to see my friends. Most of whom have children who are friends with my kids, which is often how I met my friends in the first place. Makes sense. Some of the Mums are people I went to school with, one of them I have known since 1980 & our 11 year old boys were firm friends & still get mega excited when they get the chance to see each other again. Some of the women I met through friends, some I have worked with. How we met doesn’t matter. When we meet up it’s like we’ve never been apart & we just pick up where we left off. Social media allows us to keep in touch easier than if we had to rely on phone calls & emails. 

I am so lucky to have a mother in law that I get on with so well. I have no hesitation in asking her if we can come & stay. And we are always suggesting to her that she comes on the train to stay a few days with us. We love her company, the kids love spending time with her too. My only complaint was explained on my personal Facebook page the other night when I said she kept pinning me down & forcing food down my throat! After every meal the lolly container came out (and it wasn’t just a little lolly jar either, it was a whopping supply of lollies) and at every cuppa the biscuits came out. Somebody must have told her that my favourite are mint slice. I think I must have eaten the equivalent of a packet over the few days. So we were well fed, watered, housed, loved & fussed over. We were also trying to be conscious of not allowing her to do everything for us. She lives on her own & got invaded by 4 of us, which means a major increase in workload. So we did out best to pitch in & tried to make a fuss over her at times too. The days passed very fast, we got to spend one day with my Dad, who had just returned from a holiday in England to visit my brother & his partner. And then it was time to come home, back to my hard working hubby who was holding the fort here. He’s still in one piece, as is the house, not that I doubted him. But it’s nice to come home & be able to do all that domestic stuff so he doesn’t have to. And I did miss him whilst we were away. It’s nice to be home.

Our big son starts his HSC exams in around 10 days. I said I wasn’t going to stress over him & them, but I have. I think it’s just something we do as parents. The whole ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank?) system is silly in my opinion. The students get given a ranking rather than a mark. That ATAR ranking says how many other students they did better than. So if you get an ATAR of 80, it means you did better than 80% of the students who were in Year 7 (statewide?) in the same year you started Year 7. Never mind that you are now in Year 12 & half of those students have left school over the past 6 years, and your school gets ranked before you even get your own rank. You don’t actually get a final mark so in theory you don’t know if you passed or failed, probably because there is no pass or fail these days. Just a rank. Back in my day we got a mark out of 500 for our school work (best 10 subject units) & a mark out of 500 for our HSC exam (again, best 10 units). Average them out & if you got 250 or above, you passed. Simple! For the record, I got 339, so I passed with marks to spare. And I got into uni but chose not to go because I had already started a full time job & I stayed with that company for 15 years. What you end up with these days is not a true indication of your personal result. And there is no way of knowing what kind of ATAR your student is going to get, it comes down to how the whole Year 12 cohort of their school performs as a group to pull the school ranking up, so the student rankings are higher. So these students have to apply for uni courses that need an ATAR of whatever & they have no way of knowing if they are anywhere in the ballpark. Their ATARs come out in Dec & they then have a few weeks to change their uni preferences. Not so easy for country kids who have had to apply for on campus accommodation in the hope of getting into their desired course. So that’s my gripe about the current education system. Do I have a better way? Probably not but i think they should bring it back to individual results. Obviously the powers that be decided that wasn’t a fair system. What the?!

In recent weeks my hubby’s car was written off following a collision with a rather large kangaroo. Not only were we lucky that my hubby wasn’t hurt, I think we were lucky we didn’t have to wait the long wait to have the car repaired. I spoke to a customer at work who (like my hubby) was riding to & from work on his motorbike because his car had been hit by a kangaroo & it had been at the repair yard for a month & it would be another month until they would get to it. And all the courtesy cars were booked up for the next month by people whose cars were waiting to be fixed. The insurance company was fabulous, rang us to advise us of their decision to write the car off one day & we had the payout in our bank account the next day. Which allowed us to go & buy another car immediately.

The major news of recent times is that we have decided to buy a block of land & build a house on it. There’s one block that we keep gravitating back to & we found a house company who was the standout for us when we went to a display village & they can build a suitable house on this block. At a reasonable price (so far). So we are in the process of getting all that happening. We are buying the block & are waiting for the tender from the building company before we give the final okay on the house. I’ll be sharing my stress over the building project – you’ll be sick of hearing about it! But I tell you, I am looking forward to my walk in linen closet. I know, I need a life.

So I guess that brings you up to date with where I have been & what I have been doing. We are in the last weekend of school holidays here in NSW. It will seem strange only having two children returning to school in Tuesday, not three. I’ll have lots to get used to in the coming months. It’s birthday season with our kids from August to October, with Zac turning 18 in 3 weeks. We’ll have another MAN in the house. OMG!!!!!

Anyway, that’s where I’ve been, what about you?

Karen xx




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