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So I made a Tardis cake

on September 20, 2013

Mr Liam turns 11 today. He has been looking forward to this day for SO long. Probably since his last birthday!

We have 3 of his friends over for the day & they are sleeping over. And I think there is a Dr Who marathon planned for them to watch. They are currently in the back yard having a water balloon battle.

It’s only in recent years that I have been able to find the time to make our kids a cake, rather than buying one. This year the challenge was a cake related to Dr Who. So I present you with the Tardis cake, made with my questionable skills. Luckily Liam has told me already that he loves it because I made it.

Gosh, I love that kid!



(getting ready for his next victim)




One response to “So I made a Tardis cake

  1. Jacana says:

    Cake looks great. Good luck with getting some sleep tonight with a houseful of boys on sugar.

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