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My New Toy

on July 8, 2013

After months of umming & aahing I took the plunge and ordered myself a Thermomix. I held off, wondering if it would be a bit of a novelty item that gets used for a few weeks and then sits on the bench gathering dust. But as I quipped to a friend who came to sample some of the yummy food at the demo, for the amount of money it costs, I will ruddy well make sure I use it every day.

We bought it because we are interested in reducing the amount of sugar we consume. We can now make many foods from scratch, controlling how much sugar goes into our diet. I am also keep to reduce the additives in our food and being able to quickly make meals and snacks from scratch will allow that to happen.

So yesterday we took delivery of our Thermomix (or contraption as I called it). In the space of a couple of hours we made vegetable stock, passionfruit sorbet, coleslaw, pizza, mushroom risotto and baked custard. That was with our lovely consultant, Vanessa. Once she left, my friends (thank you for graciously giving up your afternoon to come & play with us) and I continued to play, making strawberry sorbet followed by herb and garlic dip, and finally steamed rice and chicken curry for dinner. Yum, yum and more yum let me tell you!

Now, I don’t want to turn all pro-Thermo on you. Yes, I am excited about getting in and experimenting. And I  would like to share what I make with you, not as a ad for the contraption, but as a lover of all things food.

For those  of you who haven’t seen one, here’s a pic of mine:


So I will try to keep you updated with how we are finding it and what we are cooking in it without sounding like a commercial. I have been told I need to name my contraption with a female’s name. Because only women can do so many things. Any suggestions?




3 responses to “My New Toy

  1. Jacana says:

    Colleen the contraption. Would like to hear more about What exactly this thing can do – have heard about them but don’t get the buzz just yet? Does it cook as well?

    • Yes! It does cook! A whole meal at once. Rice in the basket & you can stack up the top & use it to steam chicken, fish, veg, anything! I made curry chicken the day I got it, so you can cook any meat in saucy stuff in the bottom bit. I have been making our own bread, hubby’s been making tomato sauce & pasta sauce, I’ve made peanut butter, butter, sorbets, boiled eggs (I can’t make soft boiled eggs on the stove, they never work out), heaps of stuff & I’m looking forward to exploring further!

  2. I am hearing so many different people who have purchased the Thermomix and who are loving it! I am not sure if we would need it in our Motorhome, but I am keen on knowing if its value for money!
    Funny how we like to “name” things – our motorhome feels like a “She” even though its full of boys!!
    I think it looks like a “Betty”

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