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A Very Scottish Day Out

on July 7, 2013

Yesterday we took ourselves along to the Aberdeen, here in the Hunter. Yes that would be Aberdeen in Australia, not Aberdeen in Scotland. But you could be forgiven for getting the two mixed up because Scotland had come to us in the form of the Highland Games. A day of celebration of many things Scottish.

I love a pipe band. And if you can see him, there is a little lad marching with his Grandpa, learning the ropes. He did a fantastic job & was a hit with the crowd. And yes, I had tears.


Obligatory face painting:


See these big balls? As part of the strong man competition, the guys had to lift them off the ground and onto the keg, with 5 balls in total, each increasing in weight.


Celtic Thunder of a different kind:



JT (John Tobin, High School Principal) & Zac


Our kids:


Good timing to catch Zac looking towards me. They won their two tug of wars. (He’s in the middle in the red shirt & white sunnies).


Strong man in a skirt kilt, doing the kettle bell toss (56lb of weight) in the strongman competition. He won this bit.


They do wear something under their kilt. Thank goodness, because the strongman competitors with the longer kilts had to lift them to get the kettle bell swing right.


Strong man in a skirt tossing a wheat bag. Using a pitchfork to toss it. Australian record is 31 feet high, I think this guy lucked out at 26-28 feet. That’s still bloody high! Later in the afternoon was the caber toss, but we missed out on seeing that.


Precision Drill by the military, complete with gunshots. Amazing to watch.


A visit to hubby, who was cooking the BBQ at Cafe SJA (high school food stall).


It was a beautiful day out, the weather was gorgeous, the winter sun gods were on our side. Around the perimeter were market stalls and clan history stalls, where you could find out all sorts of info about your clan heritage. But as an Aussie/Pommie gal married into an Austrian family there was no chance of finding our names there! But I did see some names I know.

We opted not to indulge in haggis or black pudding for lunch but instead supported Cafe SJA with its good old Aussie tucker. The stall is a major fundraiser for Zac’s school.

All in all we had a great day, even if we didn’t see all the entertainment as there were times when there was more than one thing going on. The kids surprised me by not being bored – that strongman competition really captured the younger two. And it was nice that the teenager was happy to be seen out with the family!

We’ll go again next year.



6 responses to “A Very Scottish Day Out

  1. Bek Jones says:

    Looks like a great fun family day! You all look fantastic. Xx

  2. Salz says:

    Looks like you all had fun. Hope you raised a lot for the school.

  3. Tina Gray says:

    Bill would have loved this! And so would I have. I love the sound of pipe bands. Brings a lump in my throat every time. And I must say, my heart skipped a beat when you mentioned Celtic Thunder LOL x

    • Tina, I took that photo especially for you 😉 Do you go to Brigadoon at Bundanoon?
      Salz, they sold out so I hope heaps was raised (other schools had stalls too + there were food stalls not related to schools)
      Bek, thank you! Life is good.

  4. Jacana says:

    I use to attend pipe band practice every week as a child as one of my parents was in the bank. The music still stirs me today. Even had a solo piper at my wedding.

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