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Table of Plenty Hot or Cold Muesli Winners

on June 12, 2013

I always get excited when I win things on blogs. And it’s a good feeling when I get to tell readers of my blog that they’ve won a prize too.


Congratulations to Merryl and Bek for each winning a box of Table of Plenty’s Hot or Cold Muesli (

I have emailed each of you, so once you’ve replied your prize will be sent out.

Thanks to all who entered. Please keep checking in because you never know what you could have the opportunity to win in the future!

Karen 🙂

5 responses to “Table of Plenty Hot or Cold Muesli Winners

  1. Bek Jones says:

    Yay me! Thank you, now to decide if i should share with the kids. My nine year old daughter loves oats for breakfast!

  2. No! Keep it for yourself!

  3. Merryl says:

    Thank you very much! I have emailed you.

  4. Jacana says:

    Yum – what a great prize to get with the weather the way it as at present.

  5. Bek Jones says:

    My muesli just arrived! Thank you. It smells delish, cant wait to try it tomorrow! Will let you know what we think!

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