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Being Independent

on June 4, 2013

So proud of Megan’s class K/1, who took out first place in their division at the eisteddfod yesterday! They sang Five Little Monsters Jumping On The Bed. I have an attack of the guilts this morning because I wasn’t there to see them perform, but am reminding myself how much our eldest child appreciated me helping out at his school for the day instead. And Megan didn’t mind. I think it’s important for them to realise that Mums (& Dads) can’t be there for everything.

Today Liam’s 5/6 class are on stage, but as he only informed me yesterday that they were going today, I am not able to be there either. Plus he’s getting to the stage where he doesn’t always want me there. So he’s okay with that. He didn’t even ask if I would go. And I’m okay with that.

It’s teaching all of us independence.

And I’m trying really hard not to be a helicopter Mum, hovering over the kids. I don’t think I am one though, I am involved with the school through the canteen but leave the school stuff for the kids and teachers to sort out.

How about you? Do you try to get to everything? Do you feel guilty if you miss something? Or have you learned to let go already? Do your kids actually want you there?

Karen 🙂


One response to “Being Independent

  1. Bek Jones says:

    Yay for Megans class! How exciting!
    I have always been to all my kids things, both at school and extra curricular but with our new bub it makes it a little more difficult. So we are all adjusting to me not being at everything. I missed a dance performance last week and still feel guilty but Amy doesnt seem to mind. Slowly we are learning to be independent of each other!

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