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A Moving House Checklist

on May 19, 2013

For the second time in less than a year, we have moved house.

There was so much to organise that my brains are feeling like mashed potato, although that could be because I am also learning a new job or two. Not one to do things by halves.

So I thought I’d do a bit of a checklist of what to do when moving from one rental property to another.

* Give the required notice to vacate the current property. We were no longer in a lease, so we had to give 3 weeks’ notice.

* If finances permit, overlap the two properties by a week or two. This gives you plenty of time to pack and move if you are not using removalists. Consider that you usually clean the new property before moving in and you need to clean the old one after everything has been moved out.

* Book the carpet cleaner for when you have emptied the old place. We had to have the carpets professionally cleaned because we have a dog. It doesn’t matter that she is an outside dog (often outside of the yard, even), those carpets could still have doggy smell.

* Arrange to have the electricity connected the day you get the keys to the new place. You are going to need it right from the get go. Don’t get it disconnected from the old place until you have finished cleaning once you’ve moved everything out.

* Ring your phone and internet providers to have the services transferred over. The exact day to chose can be tricky if you are moving over a week or two but you just need to pick a day and make sure your computer is in whichever house has the net connected. Worst case scenario is that you need to rely on your mobile phone data package for a day or two. We booked in a day and were meant to be both disconnected and reconnected on the same day but the phone company forgot the internet part do I had to call them again.

* Contents insurance – ring the insurance company and get your contents insured for both properties. Once you have moved,cancel the policy you no longer need.

* Car insurance – change the address on your policy.

* Driver’s Licence – you can change your address on the RMS (used to be call RTA) website.

* Look into the cost of trailer hire if needed. We hired a car trailer to move the piano, as it meant we could use the trailer ramps instead of needing 6 blokes to lift it. Seriously, nobody likes moving a piano.

* Get a mail redirection in place. You can organise this at the post office or via their website. Consider keeping it in place for 12 months for those things that only come once or twice a year. Like superannuation statements or fishing licences or trades licences. There will always be something that you go “oh yeah, lucky I still had the redirection in place”.

* Washing baskets and plastic storage tubs are great for transporting pantry items. Shoe boxes & those unused Tupperware containers are ideal to move cutlery & kitchen drawer contents.

* Be prepared to reduce your cooking standards for a few weeks days. There is nothing wrong with having toasted sandwiches, instant noodles, baked beans, scrambled eggs, a bought lasagne or a takeaway until you have your new kitchen organised. Or get your slow cooker going. (I did that & then ended up having to transport the meal still hot!).

* When you are feeling stressed & starting to snap at hubby, stop for a minute, take a breath, remember you both have the same goal in mind, and laugh. We’ve gotten through both our moves intact by being conscious about staying calm.

They are my top tips for moving house. It certainly doesn’t cover everything.

What would you add? Please share your top tips with me, as we’ll be moving again when we find a house to buy or build!



2 responses to “A Moving House Checklist

  1. Salz says:

    Getting your mail redirected is needed for at least 3 months. Then once you get your mail redirected don’t forget to change your address for those things as they come.
    We moved like you twice within a 12mth timeframe. Ou move wasn’t so bad as most things were kept in storage its just the big things that were a nightmare.

  2. Kylie says:

    There’s nothing wrong with eggs on toast, especially when you have chickens who lay lots!!! My advice would be to be nice to your sister & brother in law 😉 My sister is currently moving from her house in Albion Park to a rental in Wollongong to see if it suits her. We have helped her pack up her place and paint it before her tenants move in. In fact my husband is there now finishing off the painting. Even though we’re not the ones moving he had eggs on toast as an early tea before he left and I’ll probably have the same 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying your new place and new jobs xxx

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