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Hot or Cold Muesli – a Table of Plenty Giveaway

on May 6, 2013

Have I told you recently that I am a fan of Table of Plenty foods?

Yes I am. And whenever I get the chance to try one of their new offerings and give some away, I take it!



This Table of Plenty Hot or Cold Muesli really is a year round cereal.

In the warmer weather, just pour the milk or yoghurt on and Bob’s your Uncle, a yummy scrummy breakfast made from oats, sultanas and pepitas, with honey and cinnamon flavours. In the cooler weather, add the milk and whack it in the microwave and it becomes porridge. But not runny, sludgy porridge. No, it’s a light yet creamy porridge. For the in between seasons, decide for yourself. Flexibility in a box!

I really like this muesli/porridge. Even Mr 10 wolfed it down. More than once, so that’s saying something right there. But I don’t want to share this with the kids, we’d run out too fast. I think I would be restricting Table of Plenty’s Hot or Cold Muesli to the adults of the house. And hubby rarely eats cereals, so that means it’s all for me – winner!

Table of Plenty was founded by Kate Weiss in 2006( a Mum – yay, someone real!) and has built a reputation for producing high quality healthy snacks, cereals spices that taste great too.

You can buy Table of Plenty’s Hot or Cold Muesli at Woolworths Australia wide, for $5-99 for a 350g box, which is 8 single serve sachets. Which makes it a quick and easy breakfast, or even lunch, if you are in a hurry or if you eat at your desk.

If you would like to win one of two boxes of Hot or Cold Muesli that I have to give away, then you had better submit an entry. It’s really easy, just leave me a comment telling me if you would eat if hot as a porridge or cold as a muesli. And please make sure you share me around, because I’d love it if heaps of people entered!








8 responses to “Hot or Cold Muesli – a Table of Plenty Giveaway

  1. Renee says:

    I like it hot hot hot 🙂

  2. Thomas Toth says:

    All cold, all the time 😉

  3. Michelle V says:

    I would eat it hot as porridge, especially as the cooler months are approaching. Thanks so much for the opportunity to try something new (I’m quite over my current breakfast!)

  4. Bek says:

    I would try it hot and cold but I loooooove cold muesli so am guessing that would be my preference. Those flavours sound delish.

  5. Merryl says:

    I would eat it cold as a muesli and top it with slices of fresh mango.

  6. Lisa Williams says:

    I think I would love it cold but would def give the hot ago during winter….

  7. Anne says:

    Hot as a porridge in winter, cold as a muesli in summer

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