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Saving my Sanity

on April 6, 2013

I finished high school in November 1987. I joined the workforce on 21 December 1987. In between was a trip to Surfers Paradise for what is now known as schoolies. Before schoolies was popular. Because I am ahead of my time lol.

I stayed with that company for 15 years. Since then I have been a job gypsy. Chopping and changing for a variety of reasons. But I have worked all my adult life, apart from a 3 week spell when I had no work at all. And there may have been a month or two that I didn’t have work. But apart from that, I’ve always had work of some type, even if it’s not as much as I wanted or needed. Sometimes I had too much work.

In June 2012, I threw in my job due to our move 5 hours away with hubby’s work. I wanted to take a year’s leave without pay & then return to work in my now local store but that was put in the too difficult basket by the company. So I resigned.

I have spent the last half of 2012 and first term this year holding the fort here at home, making sure everyone has settled in well to our new town and new routine. Which is not new anymore. With more families arriving all the time, we weren’t the new people for very long. And we are well and truly settled in. We came with the mindset that this was a permanent move (the job is permanent, not a limited term or contract) and we were only going back if we hated it here. We’re not going back. We are in the process of putting our house on the market. Sorry to our wonderful tenants who have loved our house, but as discussed, we can’t buy here until we sell there. We love it here and we are staying.

And I am preparing to return to the workforce. As much as I love being a happy housewife, with all our kids at school, I am going ever so slightly insane. I can feel it. Yes I can help out at the schools and meet other Mums via the schools, but I need more than the morning and afternoon chit chat (which I love) with my fellow Mums. I need something that doesn’t focus around the kids. And the workforce is where I will find that. Conversation where the common link is the work, not the kids. As much as my hubby & kids are the centre of my world (after me, of course), I would like to be able to talk about something else.

Being a 43 year old woman looking for work presents a challenge in itself. Many companies are after juniors because the wages are less. I understand that companies have budgets. I’ve had to adhere to both workplace and household budgets over the years. I have a pretty good knowledge of them. But what companies are slow to realise is that the older female workers are available and reliable. We’re on time for our shifts. We show up for our shifts. We don’t take sick days unless our kids are sick. Unless we’ve been hit by a bus. WE ARE A VALUABLE ASSET.

The first place I am going to enquire is the last company I worked for. Hopefully I can pick up some shifts whilst the kids are at school. Maybe they’ll come to the party, maybe they won’t.

I hope they do. In need to save my sanity.

When did you last go job hunting? Please leave me a comment telling me about your job search experiences. Do you have any tips for me?



9 responses to “Saving my Sanity

  1. Ha ha! Enjoy! I have been out the workforce for 7 years now! Have never had a job in Aus yet! I am so scared for the day I do go back! Happy job hunting!

  2. Bek Williams says:

    Im hijacking your blog, sorry, my only words to you are 13 days……..I cant wait to see you guys, im really missing you this week. Xoxo.

    You will find a job, they would be silly not to want you! try the little bakeries etc.

    • Yay! 13 days – so excited!!

      Your small bakery idea would be fabulous but we don’t have any. The one in Scone closed last year. The population in Scone & outlying suburbs that are considered part of Scone is about 5000, which is not enough to support small shops.

      See you soon! Xx

  3. Ann F says:

    I have one tip that I hand on to anyone prepared to listen. When the interview comes to a close and they ask if you have any questions, try this “Do you have any concerns for me in this role?” If they say they do, i.e. age, experience, hair colour just use your best Cohen/Brown/CBA training to overcome those objections. If they say no then try this “Thank you, I look forward to working with you then”. Sure, it’s an assumptive close but you have planted the seed with them that you are right for them Good Luck.

  4. Jacana says:

    I previously worked in Human Relations and the biggest issue on everyones mind when hiring a Mum was what happens if the children are sick. So if you can address this perhaps during the interview then you may put some “older thinking” to rest. I also use to think people who came to the interview with a reason (well thought out and shortly explained) why they wanted the job always went across well. So at the end of the interview if they haven’t asked you why you want the job then tell them. Sell yourself. Good Luck. I understand the need to work as a Mum.

    • Thank you! It’s great to hear an insider’s tips. I have trouble selling myself. I often do it in jest, but to look someone in the eye & do it, I lose my nerve. Must practice by looking in the mirror I think….

      • Jacana says:

        Let your resume sell you then. Write a paragraph at the end on why you want the job and what they can expect if they hire you.

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