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Before School Teachers

on March 15, 2013

Our Kindergarten daughter asked me what happened before school teachers, adding that you can’t learn without teachers.

The simple answer?

Mummies are teachers. And so are Daddies. Mummies & Daddies were around before schools were even invented! (but not this particular Mummy & Daddy)

We’ve taught her:

* as a baby, that if she cried, then Mummy or Daddy’s arms were always close by to pick her up so she felt safe

* those safe arms are still close by

* how to walk

* how to talk

* how to wash herself

* how to dress herself

* that a warm Milo in the morning is a cuddle for your tummy

* that bed is a nice safe, snuggly, warm place

* that we have breakfast in the morning, lunch during the day and dinner at night

* and there are lots of other things we’ve taught her.

She told me that we also taught her good manners.

Naaawwwww………makes my heart melt.

It’s amazing how much we teach our kids without even realising it, isn’t it?


2 responses to “Before School Teachers

  1. Bek Williams says:

    So very lucky to have you as their mummy. I miss the way you word things and the way you think. Hugs to you. Looking forward to seeing you guys.

  2. Salz says:

    Naww thats sweet. We are their teachers and your daughter is so right we teach them manners and a whole lot of other social aspects.

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