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The Kids are Back at School – yay!

on February 9, 2013

Our baby started big school this year. Kindergarten is what first year is called in these parts. Some other Australian states call in Prep. It may be called by other names in other places too.

She has taken to it like a duck takes to water. Ever since she was born she has been exposed to the school routine, as I dropped off & collected the boys from school each day. Because that’s where I got to chat to the other Mums, who fast became friends. And still are, even though we have moved away. A quick chat to her teacher at the end of week one to make sure everything’s going smoothly, not that I had any worries, and she confirmed that Megan is confident and well able to express herself, and that is helping some of the other kids settle in and speak up too. A born leader, our girl!

Some of the information sent home from orientation from her teacher give parents tips on how to prepare and settle children in Kindergarten suggested getting them to carry their own backpack and putting their own lunchbox in their bag and stuff like that to help them with their independence. Megan asked me to carry hers home the other day & I said no lol! – we only live one block from the school.

Anyway……that’s getting a bit off track.

We still call her “baby”, as I guess everyone calls their baby. My Mum still calls me her baby. Ray is his Mum’s baby. Just goes with the territory of being the youngest.

I make a conscious effort to remind myself that our baby is 5 & 1/2 years old. She is capable of pouring herself a drink, unless the jug is too heavy. She can pick her clothes for the day. (Easier now that it’s a uniform.) She can cut her own meat. She can do and needs to do lots of stuff for herself. And I need to let her have that independence.

I deliberately booked my first child free week solid, to keep me busy and nice & distracted from any tears or “moments” that may have snuck up on me. And it worked. Because they didn’t. Yes my eyes did well up as I followed Megan and her two (FABULOUS) buddies into the classroom. But they weren’t sad tears, they were excited tears, busting to see her reaction and the whole anticipation of the day. I wished for a minute that I could be in her shoes, experiencing Kindergarten, so that I could remember it this time. I don’t remember my own experience, except for what must have been much later in the year, being smacked on the bottom for dilly dallying and being last to put my shoes on after we had been practising forward rolls on the mat. My tears were softened by me teacher’s soft fur coat. So it must have been winter. It was 1975, when teachers were still allowed to smack kids. And people could wear fur coats without being made to feel like a criminal.

But I digress again. I stayed super busy by joining the gym and starting the day Megan started school. That won’t just keep my busy for Week One, that will keep me busy for AGES. Because I have lots of weight to lose. My birthday was in there too and I went out with some friends for a “the kids are back at school” celebratory lunch. And we had a great time. Lots of chatter and giggles. We all had kids at milestone points, starting school or starting high school, we’ve all come from other areas over the last few years, so there was heaps to talk about. I’ve met another couple of Mums from school at the gym, have teed up to do canteen with another couple of Mums, so I am at a really good place in life.

The kids started sports this week. Zac is still in the Army Cadets, although the future of the unit attends is in doubt due to lack of numbers of both cadets and staff. A transfer to another unit could be on the cards.

Liam is having tennis lessons again this term and is a better player than I ever was!

Megan participated in her first ever dancing lesson this week and loved it. I am now rushing around trying to find the “uniform” the kids wear at this dance school. And asking friends to check their daughters’ wardrobes for items they may have outgrown. And asking them to go to particular shops (that I don’t have access to) to check. Lucky I have good friends hey.

So with all of this going on and a husband who leaves at 5am and gets home at 8pm, life is pretty busy. But it’s a good busy. Ray’s hours should become more humane shortly and it will be fabulous to have him home at a time that allows him to have dinner with us and share in the goings on here, rather than just being the provider (which he is good at but the poor man needs a good sleep). He is so much more than just the provider, but at the moment his hours are not allowing much else.

Most of you have seen this pic already on my Facebook page, but I will share it here because it is a rare one with all three kids in it. I warned them the day before that I would be taking photos of all of them to mark the beginning of the school year. And threatened them with all sorts if they didn’t give me a nice one. Zac is 17 and in Year 12 (final year of high school), Liam is 10 and in Year 5, and Megan is 5 and in Kindergarten. So here they are:

2013 school


How have you survived Week One of the kids being back at school? Did you have a sense of freedom like I did? Did you miss them terribly? Or were you somewhere in between?

Karen 🙂




One response to “The Kids are Back at School – yay!

  1. That was beautiful Karen! I too will always consider Logan the baby (he is still only 3, but still, always the baby.) He started Pre School this school year, so i will have my first regular child free day in 9.5 years! 🙂 Too bad my hubby is off work atm after a shoulder op, so i am having to ‘share’ my free day with him. 😉

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