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Things that brought tears to my eyes

on February 1, 2013

The last week of school holidays is always an emotional one. For me as well as for the younger kids.

The big kid? At 17 he takes it all in his stride. He’s in Year 12 this year, final year, so has a big 9 – 10 months in front of him. He’s studying 13 units, the best 10 of which will contribute to his HSC result.

This is what his music teacher handed out to the class. Made me cry. Coz I’m a sucker for things like this.


Mr 10 is tired. Lots of late nights & our busy holiday week away wore him out. He’s run out of patience with his sister, she’s run out of patience with him, and I’ve run out of patience with the pair of them. He went back to school on Thursday & is one of five Yr 5 kids in the 5/6 composite class.

He’s at the age where he wants to be older & have more freedom. He feels like he’s not allowed to do whatever he wants. Too right, kiddo. You are 10. You are not free to make plans without checking with Dad or I first. Sure, some of the kids here in the country have more freedom, but we moved from the city, which is a different life. And we, meaning me, are still adapting to it. One of the families I know has city rules & country rules. We will find a balance. I am determined to keep our smiley happy Liam! Even if puberty is about to hit.

A collection of pre pubescent boys is bound to be full of pent up misunderstood emotion. Which can easily result in cheeks & frustrated fists connecting. No, it wasn’t our son’s fist. I cried in the bathroom & then organised a chat with his teacher next week. Just to nip anything in the bud. And to find out if I need to know something.

Miss 5 is excited to be starting school on Tuesday. We are down to three sleeps. She met her teacher on Friday and had her “Best Start” assessment. It’s where the teacher meets each child one on one to discover what each child knows, in an informal environment. Which is pretty important in my view! Apparently Megan knows what she’s meant to know & is ready for kindergarten. So that’s good! I thought the kindy classroom looked fabulous too, familiar like a preschool room, only with more tables & chairs so all the kids can sit & work at the same time.


For years I have said that I will be a mess when Megan starts, as she is our baby. But as it gets closer, I am finding the opposite. I’m thinking I’m going to be celebrating! Well, that’s how I thought I was feeling until I read  Tina Gray {dot} Me’s post about her youngest girls going back to school. So, I think I will just have to see how I fell on the day. And the day after, and after and after…..

I didn’t cry over the hubster though. Which is a good thing. He’s busily working his butt off, putting in some huge hours. Loving the challenge, not loving the eternal tiredness. So I am playing happy housewife, keeping everyone organised. I could do a bit more housework (like cleaning windows) & sorting of paperwork, but I figure that will still be here waiting for me to do next week when I have no children underfoot.

And I’ll have heaps of energy with which to do it, because I am joining the gym next week. Exercise creates energy. And weight loss. And that’s my aim.

How’s things with you?

Karen 🙂


3 responses to “Things that brought tears to my eyes

  1. Bek Williams says:

    Miss megan looks so excited in that pic. Im crying at silly things at the moment but i think its because im super tired! And my world as i have known it for thirty six years is about to change, not really my world just my name….excited and nervous all at the same time.

  2. Tina Gray says:

    Aww, Megan looks excited! And I’m sorry my post made you cry. And yay for joining the gym and having some time for you xx

  3. Kylie says:

    Enjoy the gym. I was once told energy breeds energy – or something like that. Hope all goes well next week. I still remember being extremely worried about my daughter starting school. She could be a bit clingy and shy. It was a very hot day and when we arrived at the classroom at our allotted time slot I was told I could stay for a bit if I liked. It was lovely and cool in the room as they had the a/c on. I was about to settle in for a bit when my daughter told me to leave as she was fine! I did as I was told with no tears from either of us. I did get emotional though at the end of the day when she came running out to me as that’s when it hit me she was at school and I missed her! She’s just started year 2 and is loving it 🙂

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