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Coldsore Misery

on January 22, 2013

Yep, it’s my whinge time. Blooming coldsores.

I get them from any irritation or trauma to my lip, however mild. A bump, a day in the sun, wind burn, stress, being run down and whammo! Here I am baby. And there’s not always the warning tingle, I can wake up with a coldsore.

Creams don’t seem to help me, the rubbing or dabbing makes it worse. I tried the patches until one day my coldsore grew larger than the patch. And I got sick of half of the packet being wasted from not going on right.

Lysine tablets definitely reduce the pain & severity in my case. They still last 10 days but are usually prevented from full on explosion.

This attack is probably the worse I’ve ever had. I suspect it is coupled with other issues. Apart from my bottom lip looking like it’s been one giant coldsore, my chin is numb (my jaw was numb a few days ago), my left cheek is numb & I suspect I have an ear infection on the left side. I’ve actually had to take painkillers as well as oodles and oodles of lysine. To the point that I googled the symptoms of excessive doses, just in case I was overdoing it. And the left side is where I had my second episode of Bell’s Palsy, that my eye & ear never fully recovered from. So that’s compounding how I feel.





Now I’m at the stage of splitting whenever I eat. Gross! (TMI? Sorry).

Feeling ugly, feeling like people in shops are being polite by trying not to look or comment, feeling yucky.

So, that’s my whinge. I feel better now,thanks. I know there are heaps of people with bigger problems, but sometimes I am allowed to feel sorry for myself. And this is one of them!

Do you get the dreaded coldsores? How do you combat them?



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