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Happy New Year and some more recent pics

on January 2, 2013

Happy New Year Everybody!

I wonder what 2013 will bring. I hope it brings all of you healthy times and happy times.

I don’t think the new year could be any bigger than 2012 was for us. I’m happy with the slower pace our country change has brought. For the kids and I so far anyway. Ray has been putting in some huge hours at work (up to 15 hours a day, 5 days a week), which hopefully eases soon so he can get some decent sleep and enjoy more of this country lifestyle.

As you know, the kids and I have been doing some more exploring during these school holidays. There are no movies, tenpin bowling, mini golf, play centres or roller skating rinks within an hour’s drive of where we live. We miss all that stuff! But distances are now a part of our lives. Which, as you know, makes for some great photo opportunities. I’ve never wished for a great camera before!

Here’s a few pics (as I like to share) of what we’ve been doing on the school hols:

olive grove at Pukara Estate, Denman

olive grove at Pukara Estate, Denman

Pukara Estate in Denman is about an hour’s drive south (south west?). They grow olives, sell olives, make olive oils, sell olive oils (I’ve tried 3 – plain, chili, lemon), make vinegars (I’m pretty well guzzling their caramelised onion these days), sell vinegars/balsamics/dressings. Make & sell dukkahs, jams (there’s that caramelised onion again) and lots of other gourmet stuff like that. Very yummy, but gourmet priced, luckily we qualify for their local discount. Yes, living an hour away is classed as local. I told you distance was a fact of life here!

at Hunter Belle Cheese

at Hunter Belle Cheese

milking the cow, complete with fake milk

milking the cow, complete with fake milk

there's a breed called Illawarra!

there’s a breed called Illawarra!

Hunter Belle Cheese is at the northern end of Musswellbrook, so about 25 minutes drive south. The have their own cows (real Brown Swiss cows, not fake ones like in the pics), so use their milk to make cheeses, gelato (my favourite) and have recently introduced fudge. Again, it’s gourmet & priced accordingly, but when I took the kids there for ice cream it was still cheaper than Cold Rock back in Wollongong! And it was really good. Maybe I’m just out of touch with prices because we haven’t been out for ice cream since forever. They have a cafe, but I’ll save that for a child free experience. I picked up a flyer for a cheese making class, but at $195 I don’t think I’ll hurry in for that one.

grape vine under our pergola. DIY wine!

grape vine under our pergola. DIY wine!

When we moved in, this vine was just a trunk. It has exploded over recent months and we’ve trimmed it a few times already. Thriving on neglect otherwise, it will be interesting to see what these grapes taste like at maturity.

playing "twister" on the floor mat

playing “twister” on the floor mat


falling over is so much fun

still a little bit frightened of sparklers

still a little bit frightened of sparklers

Sparklers were the extent of our real life fireworks. It would have been a two hour drive to go to any public ones. I did hear a few exploding in the neighbourhood at midnight, just like in any given town. We’d had an offer to go out to one of the clubs for a family friendly night but we were happy with our own company and I’m pretty sure Ray wasn’t overly keen on being dragged back to his town of work after putting in a 14 hour day. I wasn’t even planning on staying up until midnight, but once it got to 11:30, I thought I’d stay up and watch the Sydney fireworks on tv. Oh yeah, and I drank about half a bottle of wine all night. Aaaarrrggghhhh I feel so old!!!!!

So anyhoooooo, it’s a big Happy New Year from me (again).

Please leave me a comment to tell me something you’ve been doing recently, or what you did on New Year’s Eve.



6 responses to “Happy New Year and some more recent pics

  1. Bek Williams says:

    Your adventures are amazing. We had a lovely New Years Eve with some of our neighbours. We set up chairs out the front and enjoyed a lovely evening……food, drinks, happy kids.
    We had sparklers instead of fireworks…..there were lots around – we could hear them but not see any. Our new year is going to be fairly quiet as our newest addition is much more settled when we stay home.

  2. leimaycherry says:

    I’m loving these posts. We have 40acres of camping property on Barrington Tops and often drive through without stopping for more than a quick toilet break and food stop. These posts are showing me it might be a great idea to look at camping closer to town for a few nights and visiting some of those places you’ve mentioned. Or scheduling one in for our upward trip (no one wants a smelly feral looking family stopping on the way home lol)
    Recently we have been enjoying just being. Not over planning or exploring but enjoying a simple slow paced life at home with some good good and good company.

  3. jacana says:

    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    I must be getting old as well – found myself ready for bed at 10pm, but managed to stay up until just after midnight. Afterall we were at a party and thought it might be rude to close my eyes and bunker down in my chair.

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