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New Year’s Resolutions

on December 30, 2012

I gave up on making New Year’s Resolutions many years ago.  They were made simply because it was “the done thing”. Everybody had to have a New Year’s Resolution.

I semi-tried at the beginning of 2012. Yep, this was the year I was going to lose 20kg of weight. It sounded achievable. Until I got sidetracked by all sorts of aspects of life.

So here I am on the cusp of 2013, wishing I had tried a little harder. I keep telling myself that 2013 will be the year that I concentrate on getting myself into some kind of shape. And I don’t mean the shape I am now! All the kids will be at school. That cancels out the excuse of little legs not being able to keep up with walking or bike riding. I need to get moving & do some strengthening exercises to make my aches and pains go away. I need to remove my mental list of excuses. I will have no more excuses. I need to be like the Nike slogan and “just do it”.

Does that make it a New Year’s Resolution? More of a new school year’s resolution. A begin in February resolution.

Because I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions.

Do you? Do you last the whole year?



9 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Erin says:

    I always say I’m not going to make them and then I mentally make them but never tell anyone what they are ,does that still count ?lol

  2. Bek Williams says:

    My only resolution this year is to get married and become a Mrs…….lol. Some weight loss would be great but i doubt it.

  3. Kylie Hazelton says:

    I rarely do them as I’ve never stuck to them in the past. But this year I am going shift those extra kgs and have already lost 9kg so I’m on the way. I’m also setting one for my fussy daughter-to eat the same bread as the rest of us. She will only eat white bread!!! Even her 3yr old brother eats wholemeal/grain bread.

  4. I don’t make them! Sets me up for failure! But I want To attempt the Michelle bridges 12 week body challenge that starts in feb… Like you… I need to get back into shape!!!! Maybe we can cheer each other on! I have a treadmill so no excuse really!!!!

    • Lol! We sold my treadmill over 12 months ago as it wasn’t getting used. I know what I need to do, I just need to be accountable & do it. I’ve heard some pretty impressive weight loss stats from the Michelle Bridges program. I’s like a look at the menu first, because it has to be foods both Ray & I can eat (he has a lot of banned foods due to his gout) because there’s no way I’m doing separate meals for each of us as well as the kids!

  5. jacana says:

    I go for a bit of a motto rather than a resolution. My motto last year was “to live in the world not on it”. Did I stick to it – I think so, it got me doing more things for others and trying to make postive choices environmentally. Not that I am a big greeny but I began using my recycling bin a lot more. Small steps.
    Still working out what motto I will use for this year.

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