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Lake Glenbawn / Glenbawn Dam – A Touristy Post

on December 27, 2012

A 15 minute drive east of our place is another beautiful place, Glenbawn Dam, housed in Lake Glenbawn State Park.

I’ve no idea how much water it holds, but it is MASSIVE!

It’s where locals (and not so locals) go fishing. And water skiing. And camping (right next to the water if you wish). Or you can hire a cabin or stay in the caravan park. It also has the clubhouses for rowing, skiing, fishing & archery. And a park for the kids. And a kiosk. And you can take your dog if it’s kept on a leash.

Here are some pics, which don’t do it justice, neither can words. But here we go:


A small fraction of Glenbawn Dam


where the mountains meet the water


water sports (no, this isn’t us)


great camping set up (not us either!)


Liam now wants a boat!

stray family members

stray family members


the wall of the dam

the wall of the dam


driving through the grounds

driving through the grounds

obligatory park photo

obligatory park photo


And there it is, the perfect place to go roughing it for a weekend that’s still close to home!

For those observant people, yes that is my mother in law in the photo – she was here for a few days just before Christmas. Which means we did some exploring. Which means there will be another touristy post coming up in the next few days!


Karen xx.


2 responses to “Lake Glenbawn / Glenbawn Dam – A Touristy Post

  1. leimaycherry says:

    We love visiting and camping at the Dam. It’s great for a day trip or for holiday, the kids have room to move around and play and we can relax and enjoy the break from technology.
    Lake Sinclair and Barington Tops are also great places to take day trips or camping holidays.

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