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Cute Coffee Shop

on December 14, 2012

Had the pleasure of a cuppa with a new friend here the other day. The lovely Paula. I couldn’t resist taking photos of our surrounds to share the atmosphere with you. I can see why this is one of the popular cafes in town.

locally made muesli, oils, jams, relishes, teas, etc for sale

locally made muesli, oils, jams, relishes, teas, etc for sale


following the path around the back


grape vine – we are in wine country you know!


looking back the other way


clean toilets (because it’s important to know)


mare & foal at the equine hospital next door. if you sit outside you can hear them neighing to each other. very cute.


I’m not usually a coffee shop person, but that could soon change. Especially when everyone is chattering away to the people at the table next door as well as their own table. People here are so friendly, always up for a natter. Suits me to a “T”.

What makes your favourite coffee shop or cafe your favourite?


One response to “Cute Coffee Shop

  1. Bek Williams says:

    It looks so cute, i want to visit! Im off to experience my first day as a mum of three without a chaffeur….lol. Not quite a cute coffee shop experience, dont think im up for that yet. Although i would love to show off my gorgeous little man. Thanks for sharing. Miss you. Xoxo

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