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Got a problem with Ants?

on December 13, 2012

The window ledge beside the bath is an ant magnet in this house. Some of the grout is coming away & I think it is an entry point for them to come into the house.

I was told a fabulous tip of using baby powder as a deterrent. And you know what? It really works!


Sure, it looks like I had some kind of flour accident in there, but it makes the bathroom smell pretty & looks a hell of a lot nicer than black spots in various stages of death. We only get a few ants in there each day now. This ledge used to have ants all along it. Every day I would clean them up & every day there would be more. Now I just suck it all up when I vacuum & sprinkle the baby powder again. Too easy!

What’s your best tip for keeping ants & other pests at bay?


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