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That’s not how you make porridge.

on December 1, 2012

Well, not porridge exactly. More like Chinese food.

We fronted up to our usual Saturday night haunt for dinner out but when we went to order they told us they had a function on in the other room, were flat out & only cooking the Chinese meals, no Australian meals. Which meant no kids’ meals. And we were looking at a one hour wait.

Anyone who has tried to eat out with children knows this is a disaster waiting to happen. So we chose to go elsewhere.

Yeah, nah. Don’t think we’ll bother with that place again. The meals were very ordinary. And I spilled my cola on my white trousers. That’s what I get for trying to stack the plates in an attempt to help the waitress. Never again!

Just proves that we already eat at the best place in town!

Back to our (very apologetic) waitresses next weekend. Back to real taste, Back to leftovers for lunch on Sunday.

Tell me about your less than satisfactory dining experience. We’ve all had at least one! Some of ours have been from my cooking at home!

Karen. xx

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