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Driving Escapades

on November 24, 2012

Today I took 17 year old Zac for a drive. With him driving. He got his learner’s permit last year but hadn’t really expressed an interest in learning to drive.

Here, with the increased distances between towns and having seen his friends with driving independence, he has realised that learning to drive could be quite useful to him. Rather than being dependent on myself or my husband to take him wherever he needs to go. And I think that if he has his licence before he leaves home to go to uni, it is one less thing he needs to worry about doing. And it looks good on the resume. And we will shout him a few lessons with the driving school. I reckon he’s got a pretty good deal.

So he spent 90 minutes behind the wheel and he did really well. We started on some roads in a yet to be developed area to get used to the feel of the car and gain some confidence, than we hit the open road. We have a great highway for learner drivers. Yes it may be a major truck route, but the numbers are greatly reduced on the weekends and it is a pretty quiet road after lunchtime Saturday, right through Sunday. And if you get stuck behind a slow driver, there is always an overtaking lane coming up in what seems like just a few kilometres.

I found it fun teaching him to drive. Please remind me of this when I am complaining he is too confident!

When I learned, it was through a driving school. I don’t remember my folks ever taking me out driving. And I was working full time so I paid for my own lessons. Prices were much cheaper 25 years ago and there was no 120 hour log book. I would have an hour’s lesson once or twice a week before work, with the finish point being my place of work. And when your instructor thought you were ready, you went for the test. I passed on my first attempt.

Have you ever taken a learner driver out for a drive? Who taught you to drive?



3 responses to “Driving Escapades

  1. Lisandra says:

    Oh the good old log book! Dads a really good teacher, he taught me..

  2. Kylie says:

    I was also a reluctant learner. I think it was because my first few lessons with my mum weren’t the best!! My boyfriend ended up teaching me and I must not have been that bad because he ended up marrying me. He even let me drive his new car last night-and trust me his cars are precious!!!!

  3. jacana says:

    I have opted for the easy way out with my teenagers driving lessons – first go and learn from a driving school. Once they have had about 6 lessons then I would step in and continue along with the driving school. It was a scary expereince. One left to go.

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