the huntered housewife

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Saturday & Sunday

on November 13, 2012

Saturday saw us head off to the local park for a family fun day fundraiser to help save the Tasmanian Devils.

I have never seen that park so busy! And I’m sure the monthly markets directly across the road did a roaring trade too.

youthful entertainment


merchandise & snack stalls


Sunday saw the kids and I head off to Quirindi for Zac to participate with the army cadets in the Remembrance Day Service. I’ve posted some pictures to my personal Facebook page already, so forgive me if you ended up seeing the same pic twice. I am always proud of Zac and the cadets when they participate in these services, showing such respect for the soldiers. And I was proud of Liam for standing without being asked when Advance Australia Fair was sung.

for those who are curious as to where Quirindi is

war veterans

love a piper. and a base drummer.

Zac’s on the right, in the shady spot

rising sun badge on the cadets’ hats

Zac is 3rd from left


And of course, a trip with the younger kids in the car is not complete without a couple of park stops!

chauffeur extraordinaire

my cheeky monkeys


And that was my weekend.

How was yours?

Karen xx







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