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More Expeditions

on November 12, 2012

Friday saw Megan & I attend “Drumbeat”, a drumming and percussion concert/workshop presented by the Upper Hunter Conservatorium of Music. We go to an Early Childhood Music class once a week and Drumbeat was aimed at a preschool aged audience. We Mums loved it too. I sat with a smile on my face for the whole hour, in between giggles and full on laugh out louds.

Mark had our attention from his first interaction with the kids. Pretending his finger was stuck in the cymbals. And his nose. Not his finger stuck in his nose, his nose stuck in the cymbals. He had a myriad of drums and percussion instruments from all over the world & kept the kids engaged by not trying to tell them everything about each one, which would have been the quickest way to lose them. At $10 for a family ticket, it was money well spent. I would happily pay it again.



Megan’s in the purple dress

The excellent listeners got to come & have a turn

Tinkerbell music!

jamming with some of the kids

all sorts of instruments

To finish, a bit of scenery from our walk to & from the concert.


part of the garden next to our school hall (where the concert was held)

the Aboriginal themed art created by that Year 6, 2011 class.

Weekend expeditions to come tomorrow.

Karen xx











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